Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an architect for a new home or addition?

Licensed architects are not usually required for residential projects in most areas. However, a good architect can increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home and lower the risk of costly, unexpected problems during construction.

What architectural services do you offer?

I offer the full menu of architectural services, including site analysis and planning. Architectural designs begin with preliminary design sketches and evolve into dimensioned construction drawings that your builder can use to apply for the building permit. Throughout construction, I represent the homeowner during job site visits.

I always suggest that my clients select a builder early on, allowing him/her to become part of the design team, providing valuable insights into construction methods, materials, and costs.  

Do you provide structural engineering?

I subcontract structural engineering services to licensed professional engineers. Every single project, no matter its size, undergoes a structural engineering review.


How do residential architects charge for their services?

Fees are based on either a percentage-of-construction cost, or a flat hourly rate.  Most homeowners prefer the percentage of construction cost for new houses, while the hourly rate usually works out better for those contemplating additions and renovations.

How long does it take to design and build a house?

It depends on the size and complexity. Generally, additions take 2 – 5 months to design and 4 – 8 months to build.  New houses take roughly 4 – 12 months to design and 6 – 14 months to build.

Do you use CAD or 3D computer modeling?

Yes and yes. CAD files are fast, easy to work with, and easy to email. Most of the files I send out are PDF drawings or short MP4 video clips.    

Ron, Looks terrific! Thanks for all your hard, diligent, attention-to-detail work. Very professional indeed.
— Jack D.